FTA Coffee, in partnership with OLAM Coffee, takes great pride in working with suppliers to help find the best market for their coffee. Together, FTA and OLAM work with hundreds of roasters across dozens of countries and work tirelessly to make sure coffee producers find the right home for their great coffee season after season. In addition to market access, FTA and OLAM can provide suppliers with various forms of support, including quality calibration, price management, yield improvement services, coffee processing, exporting and warehousing. We are happy to work with all varieties of business structures, such as small producers, estates, cooperatives, associations, wet mills, exporters and more. First and foremost, quality and traceability is most important to us.

More about suppliers

When we start a conversation with a supplier, we are always thinking five years down the line. A relationship frequently starts with a sample we receive at the office, or a conversation at a trade show, or a friendly encounter at origin. Either way, if the quality has potential, the conversation will quickly move from the current crop to long-term plans and don't be surprised when we show up at your doorstep to talk more seriously! FTA and OLAM have Coffee Traders traveling to origin almost every month. With that said we also understand the need for short-term support and can help out here, too. Read on to learn more about how we view long-term stability and shot-term support as well as how to submit coffee samples if yo are interested in building a relationship with us..

Long-term Stability

What long-term stability means to us: Integrity and customer focus are part of our core values. This means we strive to provide a consistent, fair market our supplier customers year after year. Whenever we start a conversation, we are thinking five or more years down the line.

How we can help provide long-term stability: We understand your volumes and quality can change year to year. We work directly with hundreds of coffee roasters that have a variety of needs, which means we can confidently find the right market for your coffee year after year.

Short-term Support

What short-term support means to us: Did you have a bumper crop, or did a deal fall through at the last minute? We understand these needs as well and can usually lend a hand.

How we can help provide short-term support: We have a large first hand roaster network across our global marketing offices and even greater reach via our online market. We prefer to talk long-term, but if you need short-term support, we can help here, too.

Offer Samples

New suppliers, we are excited to cup, learn and talk about your coffee. Let's get to know each other. If you are a small producer, cooperative, estate, farmer group, mill, or exporter we are interested in learning more about you. Please send an offer sample along with the below downloadable Coffee Information Sheet to OLAM's California office and we will be sure to cup and get back to you promptly. We strive to provide roasters with as much traceability as possible so please be prepared to share you story with us. We are excited to help share your coffee with the world!

Kindly send offer samples to:
118 Matheson Street 3rd Floor, Healdsburg CA 95448, USA

Download Coffee Information Sheet