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At FTA Coffee, we strive to seamlessly connect roasters to the finest green coffees. We work in partnership with Olam Coffee in the United States and together we work closely with both our producer and roaster partners in order to provide the best customer service possible. For our producer partners, our team is driven to provide a stable market, fair price and help maintain the highest quality standards. For our roaster partners, our team is committed to offer high quality, a robust selection and timely delivery.

Get to know our team below and feel free to create an account to check pricing, request samples, place orders and get to know one of our Coffee Traders. Give us a call with any questions, and when you're in Melbourne stop by and cup with us!

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The olam group advantage

FTA Coffee works in partnership with Olam Coffee, which is part of The OLAM Group that manages the supply chain for over twenty agriculture products globally. Our relationship with The OLAM Group gives us access to an extensive international logistics, risk management and coffee network.

OLAM Coffee has over 100 full time agronomists, tech specialists and coffee consultants in the field around the world working with coffee producers to improve quality and yield. OLAM Coffee also owns and operates 20 dry mills and 4 wet mills that help them maintain the highest quality standards along their supply chain.

Furthermore, OLAM's origin network provides us with daily news on growing conditions and expected seasonal yields so we can stay on top of the market.

We are especially proud to work with The OLAM Group for their commitment to improving producer livelihoods. To learn more about The OLAM Group initiatives at origin download The OLAM Livelihood Charter 2014 below.

Download The OLAM Livelihood Charter 2014


  • In partnership with Olam Specialty Coffee
  • SCAA Member
  • Coffee Quality Institute
  • World Coffee Research Supporter
  • Australian Specialty Coffee Association
  • Specialty Coffee Association of Europe
  • Roasters Guild Retreat Sponsor
  • Web Award 2015 Winner
  • Internet Retailer's Hot 100 Websites of 2015
  • Australian Coffee Traders Association


FTA Coffee
We are regularly looking for new talent as we supply more high quality coffee to our roasting customers. Please send all career inquiries, including a cover letter and resume to customerservice@fta.com.au.

Olam Coffee
Olam Coffee is our partner in the United States and Canada. For information on Olam Coffee careers, please send your information to customerservice-osc@olamnet.com.

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