1. Do you only sell coffee online, or can I talk with someone about your coffees, too?

    Of course you can talk with us. Every customer that creates an account on our website is assigned a Coffee Trader, who is a green coffee expert. This person is eager to get to know you and your business and answer any questions you may have.

  2. When I create an account on your website, what price do I see?

    We assign all companies to custom membership levels that are based your current or expected average purchase size with us. After you create an account, talk with your Coffee Trader to work on the best fit for you.

  3. How do I create an account?

    Any coffee roaster can create an account. It only takes a minute via this easy Online Form


  1. I heard that you facilitate direct trade. My roasting business has a close relationship with a farm, can you help us out?

    First of all, that is awesome you make it to origin regularly and have built good relationships. We are happy to help our established customers carry out direct trade deals. Please ask your Coffee Trader about how a direct trade deal could be arranged.

  2. Is there anything extra my business needs to fill out when purchasing certified coffee?

    No, we will send you all the documentation required when you purchase a certified coffee. However, to sell a coffee as a certified coffee, your company must also be certified with the respective certifying agency. If you have any questions about certifying your company, please feel free to talk with your Coffee Trader.


  1. We are a roasting start-up, but have not yet opened for business, would you work with us?

    Yes, as long as your company is legally established and you have created a brand, i.e. a name and logo. We would be excited to help get you started!

  2. Do you sell to home roasters?

    No, sorry, we only sell to commercial roasters, but we can refer you to companies that specialize in selling to home roasters.

  3. What is the smallest quantity of green coffee you sell?

    1 bag. The weight of the bag can vary depending on origin and type of lot. We do not sell broken bags.

  4. How many bags of coffee fit on a pallet?

    Up to 8-12 fit on a standard pallet depending on origin, weight and size.


  1. Do you work with coffee farmer groups, associations, cooperatives, estates, washing stations, dry mills, and / or exporters?

    Yes, we work with all of the above. The important thing is quality. We understand that business structures can vary from country to country and region to region.


  2. Are website accounts for coffee suppliers as well as roasters

    Currently, our website accounts are just for coffee roasters. But, we'd be happy to talk with you. You can give us a call at +61.3.8398.0500 or we can put you in contact with the closest OLAM origin office for a local touch.

  3. We are a supplier interested in diversifying our marketing channels, are you interested in building new supplier relationships?

    Absolutely. We're always interested in new great coffees. Kindly send at least a 500 gram green coffee sample to the OLAM California office and we will be sure to cup and get back to you promptly. Please don't forget to include your contact information and as much detail on the coffee as you can, such as the region, varietal, altitude, process, etc.

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